The TERI-Deakin Nano-biotechnology Centre (TDNBC) was established in 2010 by collaborating with India's research think-tank TERI and Australia's Deakin University. TDNBC came into existence through an MOU to integrate the complementary competencies of TERI (in Agricultural Biotechnology) and Deakin University (in Material Sciences) in 2010 at TERI's green campus in Gurugram, Haryana, to establish world-class facilities for Nanobiotechnology Translational research using Next Generation Methodologies to create innovative and green solutions to challenges and acute problems in the field of agriculture, environment, bioenergy and food security with a common vein "Nano-science". Research themes pursued at the Centre have global relevance and are pursued as a platform flagship missions. Research at TERI seeks to find solutions to problems related to attaining sustainability and environmental degradation and has made a difference in many people's lives. The organization's commitment to these areas is a continuous process. TERI Deakin Nano Biotechnology Research Centre has created capacity and expertise for technological solutions to problems of inefficient use of natural resources. The Centre provides a hub for up to 50 PhD students researching under the Deakin India Research Initiative (DIRI).


Sr. No. Title

Thakkar, S., Dumée, L. F., Gupta, M., Singh, B. R., & Yang, W. (2021). Nano–Enabled sensors for detection of arsenic in water. Water Research, 188, 116538. https://doi.org/10.1016/...


Arya, S. S., Rookes, J., Cahill, D., & Lenka, S. K. (2020). Next-generation metabolic engineering approaches towards development of plant cell suspension cultures as specialized metabolite prod...

A novel Vanillin Coupled EPI (efflux pump inhibitor) mediated process protocol based product Sangram Lenka and Sagar S. Arya
(IN 2018 1104 1967, Complete application), Dr. Sangram Keshari Lenka
A novel Vanillin linked Nobel metal Nonocomposite (Nanoformulation) for enhancing antibiotic Sangram Lenka , Sagar S. Arya and Ratul K. Das
(IN 2018 1104 1968, Complete application), Dr. Sangram Keshari Lenka
Agriculturally important zinc and iron Nano-nutrients; Methods for their production and use. (Provisional)
Under process of submission, Dr. Alok Adholeya, Dr. Ankita Bedi and Braj Raj Singh

Policy Papers

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5th Annual International Conference- NANOFORAGRI 2021: Technology Readiness and Overcoming Regulatory Barriers to Implement Nanotechnology-Enabled Agriculture for Sustainable Future

December 8, 2021

BIO2NANO: BioResources to Sustainable Nanoproducts- Interventions, Current Status & The Future Perspective 20th October, 2021

October 20, 2021