Algal Nutraceuticals enhancement and green recovery (DBT-COE)

After a decade long research and the mission to achieve cellulosic ethanol market, now the biorefineries has started to broaden their product port- folio owing to the surplus availability of the agricultural feedstocks. Capturing the additional value from biomass, especially the waste streams generated in the process of converting biomass to biofuels would lead to the development of a sustainable Biorefinery. Hoilistic Biomass Refining would provide a novel technology platform which has potential to replace the fossil derived products available in the market. These products demonstrate low carbon footprint, renewable, environment friendly and improve sustainability in a circular economy based process. Hence, at TDNBC, TERI we are working towards the repositioning of the biorefining activities and develop integrated technologies for to develop biobased chemicals, biomaterials, biochemicals, biofertilizers, biopolymers biofuels, biobased nanomaterials and nanoproducts. TDNBC, TERI stands as an excellent infrastructural and operational resource to carry out interdisciplinary research and technology development program in this niche area with the High Pressure Reactors and Bioreactors facilities along with its strong analytical division set-up for biomass characterization using NMR, TGA, HPLC, GPC, FTIR, GC and LC-MS. The primary objectives of this program are to innovate, excel and develop the capacity building in the following areas:

  • Biomass chemical composition analysis and characterization
  • Novel biological and chemical catalysis pathways
  • Biorefining & Bioprocess development for advanced bio-based products/ chemicals/ nano-materials
  • Life cycle analysis and Environment impact assessment

The outcomes from this area would serve as the driving force for the implementation of new ‘green’ industries in India, based up on sustainable feedstocks, and will help the attaining the global leadership in the development of next generation technologies based on renewable resources.

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