Fermentation and microbial bio-production unit

This division of TERI dealt with the large scale production of the commercially important bio-fertilizer microbes relevant to organic farming. Such category of cost-effective and eco-friendly bio-inoculants have great potential to enhance agricultural production in sustainable way by fulfilling essential requirements (nitrogen-fixing, phosphate-solubilizing, phosphate mobilizing and other micronutrients availability) of plants. Each type of bio-fertilizer is consisted of efficient microbe (single or combinatorial) cultivated using specific nutrient medium, scale-up, and formulation using solid or liquid base. Knowledge of specificity of the microbial isolate (affecting plant physiology and influencing soil quality with environmental conditions) are the considering factors for success of bio-fertilizer application. In this regard our unit has identified useful consortia of bio-fertilizer microbes endowed with unique characteristics for agriculture relevance. We have also established a high-end fermentation facility for large scale cultivation of bio-fertilizer microbes and respective setup for preparing transportation friendly, contamination free, highly efficient, extended shell life bio-inoculant formulations. Additionally, we have also enabled in microbes based nano-synthesis of micronutrients (zinc, iron, sulphur, phosphorus etc.) for large scale field applications. Potentially, our group is capable enough in specific cultivation of robust, inhibitors, thermo-tolerant and other tolerant microbial species, we can also feasibly grow yeast cell factories that covert agriculture waste to valuable products and in co-culturing of yeast with bacteria and fungus for production of carbohydrate active enzymes and production of industrially relevant organic acids and nano-materials at large scale production levels.

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