Ideation Centre

Ideation Centre (Centre for processes and structures to support translational research and innovations in nano-biotechnology)

The Nanobiotech@DBT is a platform initiated by the efforts from the Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Ministry of Science and Technology, Govt. of India and being taken forward by the TERI-Deakin Nanbiotechnology Research Centre. This program is aimed to bring the nano-biotechnology community together on a single platform to collectively engage and consolidate their efforts to deliver high impact research with translational values. This platform would enable researchers and stakeholders to collectively define problems, connect, discuss, meet, ideate from conceptualization to implementaion and share information, resource and infrastructure to deliver impactful and strategy-driven results. This platform consists of two components viz. a web-enabled network and a physical centre. The web-enabled network offers consolidated information and resources on nano-biotechnology community, knowledge sharing platform, access to information and links of resources, facilities and infrastructure and an idea forum. The web-enabled network will allow reserachers, domain experts, mentors, investors, incubators and stake holders to expand and connect the community together through interactions, collaborations and partnerships to foster translational research. The physical centre, on the other hand, is aimed to facilitate physical interactions among researchers, stakeholders and domain experts through periodic brainstorming sessions, workshops and review meetings; facilitate connecting with labs and facilities across the country for consolidation and validation of ideas; generate interfaces and processes to mentor researchers by making use of complementary skills available across the institutions/organizations across the country to leverage the depth of knowledge; mediate in providing inputs to stakeholders to directionalize research towards priorities of the country and draft policies relating to nano-biotechnology and serve as a central contact point to stakeholders/organizations interested to invest in advanced technologies that have the potential to achieve lab/pilot scale success.

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