Mycorrhizae-based Bio-fertilizers: a natural
alternative to chemical fertilizers

Mycorrhiza is a Bio-fertilizer that helps in promotion of plant growth in an environment friendly manner as well as providing several other benefits to cultivation of plants. TERI's In Vitro Mass Production Technology offers the commercial production of viable, healthy, genetically pure and high quality mycorrhiza without contamination in sterile environment using very less space. Competitively priced product formulations of tablets, granules and powder forms have been developed for end users.

Next generation technology to produce
high-quality mycorrhiza

Mycorrhiza is a Bio-fertiliser that helps promote plant growth in an environment-friendly manner and provides several benefits during the plant cultivation stages. Our in-vitro mass production technology uses a sterile, contamination-free environment; to commercially produce this high-quality mycorrhiza, which is viable, healthy, and genetically pure. Our next generation technology for Arbuscular Mycorrhizal fungi is suitable for industries and requires less space for maximum recovery of propagules (up to 1000 billion propagules/annum). As part of our service, we provide end-to-end hand holding, upto the commercialisation stage.

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