TERI’s Nano fertilisers are biologically synthesised using biomining method. Due to high surface to volume ratio, the fertilizer use efficiency increased to > 85%.

These efficacious fertilizers are also very safe to various environmental organisms and human health due to their biogenic origin. A capping of biological macromolecule on the surface of these biogenic nano-agro material make them safe.

These products contain efficiently stabilised essential nutrients in nanostructured form (size range of 50-100 nm) that provides higher use efficiency and slow release in nature. They deliver the nanonutrients directly into the germinating seed or leaf system and hence need to be applied in very small quantities as compared to chemical fertilisers.

Available nano fertilizers are Nano-Urea, Nano-DAP, Nano-NPK, Nano-phosphorous, Nano- Sulphur and Nano-Boron.

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