Media Release International conference explores nanotechnology-enabled natural alternatives to chemical fertilisers and pesticides

Media Release Are Natural Alternatives to Pesticides and Fertilisers by Nanotechnology Safe?

Press Note Inauguration of Nano-Chemistry lab at TDNBC on 24th August 2017

About the Nano-chemistry Lab - The TDNBC houses a sophisticated nano-chemistry lab to support a range of research activities which includes synthesis of various types of nanoparticles with an emphasis on green synthesis, surface functionalization of bio-char using chemical methods, small molecule-nanoparticle hybrid development through covalent conjugation, multi-step organic synthesis of natural antioxidants and its derivatives, extraction of phytochemicals as well as purification of secondary metabolites isolated from microorganisms. These activities are aimed at developing new 'nano-agents' to address key contemporary challenges in the food and agricultural sector such as toxicity, active ingredient release and atom economy with a focus on reducing carbon footprint. The chemistry laboratory has fumehoods of international standards, rotary evaporators, distillation units and other supporting instrumentation including UV chamber, weighing balances, pH meters, gas lines etc. for reaction monitoring and purification of reaction products. An in-house solvent distillation system for drying organic solvents is being set-up.

Press Note Inauguration of new research facility on April 10, 2017 by Prime Ministers of Australia and India, the Hon. Malcolm Turnbull and Shri Narendra Modi

MOU signing in Australia and India in 2010

Press Note Launch of the Centre

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