National Facility for Nanotoxicology Research of Nano-Agriproducts (NFNRNAP)

The National Facility for Nanotoxicological Research of Nano-Agriproducts (NFNRNAP) is working in collaboration with AIIMS, New Delhi and endeavors to facilitate development of safe nano-Agriproducts by following standard in vitro and in vivo test guidelines.

In vitro and in vivo nanotoxicological research is pivotal for fulfilling the regulatory requirements and commercialization of nano-agriproducts. The facility is focused to conduct investigation of the effects of the nano-agriproducts on human health and environment using in vitro and in vivo model systems for toxicity and risk assessment.

  • Evaluation of toxicity using mammalian cell lines, C. elegans, rodent model systems, zebrafish and plant-species
  • Risk Assessment
  • Development of a risk-based regulatory framework and guideline for evaluation of nano-agri products

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